Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where Did the Double Spaces Go?

A month or so ago I sat down to blog and when I posted the article all the paragraph breaks, the double-spaces, had disappeared. Which made the whole thing tough to read.

I like some open space between thoughts. It helps you as a reader, I think. Sort of like a wide-open field where you can sit down, while on a long walk, and catch your breath. Look around. Appreciate where you are. Before you walk on. But the paragraph breaks aren't "holding." I put them in but when the blog is posted to the web site it all runs together. And nothing I seem to do changes that. Doesn't matter how I type the article the program jams it all together.

One of the lessons I learn when I deal with technology is how limited I am. I feel like a pawn in a world of processors and binary codes and glowing LEDs. I sometimes feel like a visitor from 1746 Georgia to 2011 Manhattan. Maybe I'll figure it out. Maybe I won't. But I'll keep writing.


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